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10 beauty tips for women: how to be beautiful and young longer

how to be beautiful and young longer  I was lost in conjectures how long to be young and beautiful longer. After all, what sort of woman does not want to be always attractive?

On the Internet there was so much different information about this and my head was spinning! Women do a lot to be beautiful.  They buy nice clothes and shoes, the best cream and cosmetics, attend expensive beauty salons and over the years make plastic operations…

Of course, it helps to some extent. And you will be well-groomed, but not young. These are different things.

Women often start to think about the youth, when it becomes clear that they are old. Then they begin to use everything possible and impossible to bring back youth, but the train was gone … All our sedentary lifestyle, our synthetic food, bad habits will be seen on our skin with the age. So you need to start to look after yourselves from an early age, and not when the signs of aging are on the face.

I used to think that when I’m 25, I’ll start to use anti-aging cream to prevent skin aging. But when I looked at the women who always used anti-aging cream, I did not see the youth in them. So, synthetic cream is not the way out.

Karyn_CalabreseBut one day I came across Karin Kalabrese’s blog with her photos. She was 61 then. Does not she look great in her years? She eats only vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, cereals without any heat treatment for more than 25 years. That’s the result. I was interested in it and I decided to try the pros and cons of the raw food diet, about which I wrote here …

So, after reading many articles and analyzing them, I highlighted 10 beauty tips for women: how to be beautiful and young longer.

  1. Proper diet with a variety of vegetables and fruits.

First of all you’ll have to reject of all synthetic, roasted, smoked food.  No need to eat everything raw immediately if you do not have such a desire. As experts in the field of nutrition advised, It is enough to eat 60% of raw product and 40% of all processed food each meal.

But we forgot about it. In summer and in autumn we want to eat fresh vegetables and fruit. But in winter and in spring … I ate only cereals, potatoes, meat, fish .. And salads, fruit? You do not think about their usage. But they contain all necessary antioxidants that help to slow down the aging.

  1. Denial of bad habits.

In order to look young and to be healthy you will certainly need to give up these bad habits as smoking and alcohol. And I do not want even to talk about drug addiction. It is direct path to death.

  1. Compliance with the water balance.

In order to make our skin look beautiful and elastic, it is necessary to drink at least one and a half or even 2 liters of water a day.

  1. Physical exercises.

Regular physical exercises are good to help to keep our muscles in tone. Much attention should be paid not only to the muscles of the hands, legs and body, as well as the muscles of the face and neck.

  1. Contrast shower.

Contrast shower perfectly tones skin. It becomes elastic, smooth and perfectly rejuvenated.

  1. Moisturizing and nourishing face and body.

The use of natural products for cleansing, nutrition, hydration of your skin is also good for your skin. I am not a supporter of synthetic cosmetics and gradually refuse from it. After all, why to buy cream with aloe extract and lots of preservatives, if it is possible to do no worse and even better cream that will really give the desired effect.

  1. Avoidance of negative emotions and positive attitude.

In today’s busy world, constant worries are inevitable. It all turns into stress, which undoubtedly affects our well-being and the state of the skin. Do not accumulate all the negative emotions with you. Good music, dancing, walking outdoors, communication with loved ones, as well as meditation and yoga will certainly help you. You should always have positive. Smile and enjoy your life!

  1. Walking in the fresh air.

If you work all the time indoors, try to walk on foot, at least, some of the way home. Well, for moms it is even easier. Because you have to walk with a child every day.

­­9. Get enough sleep.

Constant lack of sleep is the enemy of your beauty. As a rule, it is best to go to bed at least at 10 pm and wake up at 6 am in the morning. We, moms, of course, can only dream of such a regime. But, at least, you can strive for this.

  1. Visiting baths, saunas.

Do you remember when you visited a bath or a sauna last time? I do not remember. All the family, children, care .. And it is necessary. Since you can get rid of all toxins in the steam room. It promotes good health and rejuvenation.

I highlighted some simple 10 beauty tips for women: how to be beautiful and young longer in this article. I’m sure that this is an incomplete list. I would like to know what you do to stay young and beautiful longer.

By the way, here you can see an interesting video about a woman who looks great in her 70 years!


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