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About myself

meMy name is Kate. I am 31. I am a mother of a wonderful family. I have two sons Vlad and Rostik, a little daughter Karinka and my husband Alexander. During my maternity leave, I read a lot, experimented and gained experience. So, soon I had the idea to create my own mum’s blog to share my experience and thoughts with other mums, learn about their experience. In my blog «Mum’s blog:  job and family» I will share with you my views on education, development and health of children, about how to be beautiful and healthy, how to combine job and family. You will enjoy my recipes of healthy and delicious food, and a variety of creative ideas.

I work as a teacher of English in Ukraine. So I decided that I would teach my future children English from the cradle. I will write about that experience in my blog too. I really hope that every reader will find here something interesting and useful. I’ll always be glad to your advice, comments and simply dialogue with you. You can add me as a friend on social networks. And if you have some experience, and you are also willing to share them, just email me and I will be glad to publish your article on my blog page.

Thank you very much for reading my blog.

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