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Best ways how to break a high fever in adults fast and naturally


how-to-break-a-fever-in-adults We are all used to break a fever with the help of drugs. But they have bad effects, and even interfere with the body to fight with the disease. The entire recovery process simply stops. The temperature often falls below normal.

So we have to stay in bed all the time, because we are weak. But we are not weakened from a high temperature, but from the body’s response to drugs.

So, to learn how to break a fever fast and naturally without pills, I began to read a lot of articles on this subject. I realized, in order to break a fever without pills, you need as soon as possible flush out toxins from the body.

When the body begins to sweat profusely, all the toxins come out with sweat right through the pores of our skin. You may recall the odorous and sticky sweat that comes out of us when we have a fever.

Best ways how to break a high fever in adults fast and naturally.

When the temperature increased, I began to drink a lot of hot water with honey and lemon juice. I drank somewhere up to 1 liter, and felt like I was getting hot. Later I brewed lime and began to drink the hot broth as much as I could. Then I covered myself with the blankets and started to sweat.

With insufficient sweating there will be no effect other than increasing of the temperature . This procedure can be repeated again. The temperature will not fall at once but gradually.

After such a copious perspiration, it is necessary to change all the wet clothes to dry to prevent rapid hypothermia. This sweating always helped me. But if you still have a fever, you can try other methods of reduction that are suitable for both adults and children. I have described them in my previous article here.

I think that the reduction of the temperature with drugs should be used when it is above 39 degrees.

I would be very interested for me to see your comments how to break a high fever in adults fast and naturally.


  1. Luka

    Some people are so afraid of “the high temperature” that when they’ve got even 38 degrees and feel relatively normal, they swallow pills.

  2. Rita

    To sweat very well, except limes, you can use cranberry juice, tea made from raspberry flowers, fresh juice from the berries of red currants, a decoction of rose hips.

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