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Christmas list ideas for all family. Funny party activities


A magical holiday will be very soon. All the people, especially kids, are looking forward to Christmas. So I decided to write Christmas list ideas for all the family.

Because, as usual, we spend this holiday quite boring. Basically, it was a feast and gifts.

I read many Xmas scripts for children and adults, and chose the most funny and exciting activities that are to spend at home. I am sharing them with you.

Christmas list ideas for all family. Funny party activities.

1. Decorate your room with snowflakes, balloons, garlands… Of course, you are to have a required attribute of this holiday- a Christmas tree with lights and Christmas decorations.

2. You can make or buy red hats and funny noses on a rubber band for all the guests. Children can be dressed in Christmas costumes. It would be very nice if one of the guests was dressed in Santa Claus. He might give some presents for everybody for reciting a poem or singing a song ).

3. In the hallway you may hang a drawing paper with a marker. So that each guest is able to draw what he would like to have for Christmas. Believe me, these drawings are sure to help you to achieve everything you want. Let the children also take part in the arts.

4. Prepare a box of desires. Each guest is to write its wish on a piece of paper and put it in the box. For example, “In the coming year I will be a manager of the company”, “I will go to the fitness club” and more. Dreaming is a pleasant thing …

Children can draw their desires. Then seal the box and give to a man who will keep it for a year. Next year it will be opened and all the wishes will be read to get to know whose desire came true.

5. You may organize theme Christmas parties. For example, everybody is dressed like pirates or Chinese men or like fairy-tale heroes. It will be funny!

And it’s not all. In my next articles I wrote about funny Christmas party games for adults and kids. You may use them to have fun!

What Christmas ideas do you know to make Christmas party unforgettable? Merry Christmas!


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