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Christmas party activities and games for kids

christmas-party-activities-and-games-for-kids Christmas is on the way… We decided to organize Christmas party activities and games for kids this year. Because children want to have fun!

I’m sure your kids will be very happy to play these funny games too. So read them and play with your children.

Christmas party activities and games for kids.


Cut out 40-50 snowflakes (or circles) and cast them on the floor, and give a bag to each child. Let the kids collect snowflakes for Santa Claus. The winner is the one with the largest number of snowflakes.

2. Gifts on the rope.

Pull on the rope and hang different prizes (sweets, toys, etc.) on it. If children know how to use scissors, let them cut off small presents. The winner is the one who gathered up the largest number of prizes. You may use Christmas tree instead of the rope.

3. The nimblest.

Cast different Christmas items on the floor (the number of items has to be one less than the kids). All children go in circles to the music when the music is stopped, everyone should grab any item. Who gets nothing, is out of the game. The number of items is reduced each time by one. The winner is the nimblest.

4. Decorate a Christmas tree.

Children are distributed leaflets with a picture of a Christmas tree. They need to draw as much as possible Christmas toys on a Christmas tree by certain time.

5. Guess the object.

A child is blindfolded and is given any Christmas item. He needs to determine by touching what item it is. You can organize a competition – who guessed more items.

6. Children’s disco.

Make a collection of children’s Christmas songs. The children can dance, but not for long. So I gathered up several dance games.

1) a dancer in the hat;

The leader takes a Santa Claus hat and announces the rules of the game: on whom he puts on his hat, has to dance and the rest just clap their hands. So leader puts the hat on one, then on the another kid. And he can put the hat on adults too.

2) dancing animals;

The leader offers children to dance like elephants, bears, bunnies, horses, foxes, butterflies, frogs and so on. You can offer animal masks for children. So it will be funny.

3) dance with the task;

Everybody is dancing and when the music is interrupted, it is necessary to perform a certain action. For example, shout ,”Happy New Year!”, sit down, run up to the Christmas tree …

7. Various Christmas trees.

The leader says that in the forest there are various Christmas trees : low and wide, tall and thin, and offers to play a game. The leader explains the rules of the game: if I say, “High” – put your hands up; “Low” – put your hands down and sit down; “Wide” – spread your arms wide as much as possible; “Thin” – bring your hands closer. The leader plays with the children, trying to confuse them.

8. Christmas jigsaws.

Find any old Christmas cards (or download from the Internet) and cut them into several parts . Invite the children to put together these funny pictures.

What Christmas party games and activities for kids do you know? Share with us in the comments!

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