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Funny party games and activities for adults at Christmas, New Year, birthday or another holiday

funny-party-games-and-activities-for-adults-for-christmas-new-year When Christmas, New Year, birthday or another holiday is coming, you always think how to have fun with guests. And, of course, funny party games and activities for adults will surely help you.

I always use them in the parties and all the guests are happy to take part in them. So you should try to use them too. You won’t be disappointed.





What you need for these games:

– a list of questions and a list of answers;

– numbers from 1 to 20;

– a bag;

– packages with clothes;

– a bag with balloons;

– markers;

– adhesive tape;

– cardboard noses;

– big pieces of paper;

– small pieces of paper;

– pens or pencils;

– cheerful music;

– a bottle.

Funny party games and activities for adults at Christmas, New Year, birthday or another holiday.

1. Funny company.

The leader has a funny list of questions and a list of answers to them. Throw the numbers from 1 to 20 into the bag and ask your guests to pull out one number. Then the leader reads out questions and decodes all the answers, depending on what number each participant pulled out. Children are also allowed to pull out the numbers. It will be very funny! The lists of questions and answers are published here.

2. Fun dressing.

2 couples take part in this competition. Each pair chooses one from the pre-prepared packages with clothes. All participants are blindfolded. At the command one from the pair dresses its partner by touching. The winner is the pair which is faster and better than the others dressed its partner. It will be fun, if a pair of men takes the package with woman clothes!

3. Blow out balloons.

This contest is for dads or moms with babies. Put a bag with balloons in the middle of the room. A mom or a dad sits on the chair and his or her child brings a balloon to blow out. When the balloon is blown, a kid brings a new balloon to his or her parent. The winner is the participant who blew out most of balloons.

4. Air snowmen.

This competition is again for parents with children. You will need balloons, inflated by all participants of the last competition, markers and adhesive tape. Participants must make a snowman with balloons. Children give their parents balloons and draw faces with a marker. Do not forget to turn on cheerful music!

5. Funny noses.

Draw Santa Claus, a snowman or a man, but without a nose. Make noses out of cardboard and ask blindfolded contestants stick a nose to the characters in turns. Ask the children to play this game too. Only do not help, let them express themselves!

6. The heroes of the film (fairy tale).

Print out or write on the pieces of paper the names of characters from a film or a fairy tale, put them into the bag and let everyone to pull out a piece of paper. Each participant must represent his or her character.

7. Songs for fun.

Guests name the names of the songs about winter and winter holidays in turns (if it is a birthday party, let them remind kid songs). The winner is the one with the richest repertoire.

8. Perform an action.

Give a small piece of paper to each guest on which they should write any action. For example, “to dance”, “to sing a song” and so on. Then all these pieces of paper are folded and put in a bottle. Everybody stands in a circle and somebody begins to spin the bottle on the floor. Somebody to whom the bottleneck points, has to pull out one note from the bottle, read it out and perform the action. The whole point is that the participant may take his own piece of paper, so you should be careful while thinking out the action.

I hope these funny party games and activities for adults at Christmas, birthday, New Year or another holiday will help you to have fun with your guests.

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