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How I gave birth to my third child easily, quickly, without tears and with almost no pain

give-birthOn the 14th of August this year a long-awaited day of labour came, and I gave birth to my third child – my daughter Karinka.

The process of the childbirth was fast, easy and almost painless, like in a fairy tale. That is to be expected, because I did my best to prepare for this so hard. Thus it is a very important moment in the life of every woman. The health of the unborn child is in her hands.

In my last article I wrote about how to prepare for natural easy childbirth and easily gave birth to my two boys. During the third pregnancy, apart from the previously described, I radically changed my diet and outlook on life. 2 years ago I refused to eat meat and started raw food diet.

I began to eat sprouted cereals, all vegetables, fruit, raw dairy products and eggs and salty fish. We take milk and eggs from people we know very well. They will not sell bad products: everything is fresh. For those who are interested, I’ll write more about how I started this raw food diet in my next article.

A month before the childbirth, I completely refused from dairy products, eggs and fish. I did not want sprouted grains, because there were my favourite watermelons, melons, peaches, grapes, tomatoes … I felt great! Everybody wondered how I could walk so quickly without wanting to go sit down, lie down or rest. I had a lot of energy.

The only people who doubted my good pregnancy, there were gynaecologists. They measured the circumference of my belly and compared these measurements with the standards. They also frighten me with fatal malnutrition, shortage of water. My mother also worried after hearing their advice. Because of this I had to do ultrasonography several times to dispel all doubts. Ере ultrasonography showed that the baby is all right and my parents calmed down.

During my first pregnancy I gained 22,05 pounds, during my second – 17,64 pounds, and during the third, on the raw food diet – 13,23 pounds, which I immediately lost after the childbirth.

And now about the process: how I gave birth to my third child easily, quickly, without tears and with almost no pain.

pregnant-woman Everything began in the early morning with a discharge of mucous plug and gradual leakage of amniotic fluid. I did not feel any pain, unless the premonition of the beginning of labour. I turned on the music and disappeared in the dance with the dreams of my daughter. Dancing I was collecting the bag to the hospital, since I was going to give birth there. I live in a small town and there are no midwives who deliver the birth at home. At about 2 p.m.  the gynaecologist examined me and said that the uterus is in tonus, and in the evening I could give birth.

I was so happy!!!! Here is this day! I did not hurry to the hospital and decided to wait for birth contractions at home. At about 3 p.m. I felt barely noticeable pain somewhere in the distance at the intervals of every 15 minutes. I made an enema 2 times and continued to dance, meditate about the safe and easy delivery and communicate with the baby. At 5 p.m., the interval between contractions reduced to 5 minutes, and I called my husband and warned that I should be taken to the hospital. By the way, we planned the partnership delivery. I am very grateful my husband for such support.

We arrived at the hospital and at 6.30 p. m. There I gave birth to my daughter. The midwife, attending the delivery, called them demonstrative. The physicians were surprised, how I could throughout the labour process, smiled and never showed some kind of fear or pain on my face. Only before the birth transitions, I felt a little pain, which did not prevent me from enjoying the birth of my princess. At this moment I began to massage the sacrum, and use special breathing techniques which muffled all the pain symptoms.

My husband all the time offered his help and supported me. I was very happy that at birth our daughter saw not only her mother (as it was in the first and second childbirth), but also her dad. So, during a few birth transitions our daughter was born. She was immediately put on my belly. A feeling of euphoria just overwhelmed me!!! After the “birth” of the placenta our little girl began to suck the precious drops of the colostrum. I remembered how wonderful it is to breastfeed. My husband liked to be with me during the childbirth.

Karinochka was born with the same weight as my first child – 6, 39 pounds, and her height was 20, 08 inches.

I hope you will find something useful from my story about how I gave birth to my third baby fast, easily and almost painless.

I do not advise all pregnant to start a raw food diet. It can even be dangerous. But to eat lots of “live” plant food during this period is necessary. And during the childbirth process get rid of all the fear, communicate with your child and be sure that everything will be fine. Because thoughts are material!


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