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How to organize a family rest at the weekend


For each family it is very important to have a good family rest. You must be able to relax with the kids at the weekend. So you have the opportunity to enjoy all the unity of the family, show your child the world, as well as to teach something necessary and important.

We live in a small town, so to find a place to rest for us is rather problematic.

But nevertheless, we can find the way out of this situation. You need only to dream and certainly you will have many ways to diversify your family life with your children.

I highlighted such ideas as you can have a family relax with kids at the weekend.

1. Beach rest.

It is the most popular form of recreation in summer. After all, it’s nice to enjoy the sun, build a sand castle and just swim with your children.

Our city is located near the river, so we have a great opportunity to go to the river at the weekend the whole summer. And if you’re unlucky with a pond, you can go to rest at sea. Sea air and water beneficially effect on the health of children and adults.

But do not go to the beach with kids from 11 a. m. to 4 p. m. because you and your kid may be overheated.

2. Walk in the park.

This is a useful and nice kind of rest in any season. In the park you can breathe fresh air, take a ride on the swings, exercise at the sport gym.

3. Hike to the circus.

The circus is full of joy, laughter and positive emotions. In our city there is no permanent circus, so when the circus arrives, our children are happy to go there. The circus is a celebration not only for children but also for adults.

4. Walk around the city.

You can just walk around the city with your family, take photos and make an album.

5. Skilled Hands.

Children love to do handicraft with their parents. You can make beautiful cards or other crafts with each other. And in winter it is interesting to make a bird feeder and hang it in a tree near your house. Your children will love this idea.

6. Hike in the wood.

For each child it will be a real adventure to hike in the wood. And if you come up with an interesting story with buried treasure, it will be remembered for a lifetime. All children love to put up tents, collect sticks for the fire and help to cook.

7. Fishing.

Many parents, especially fathers, are very fond of this kind of leisure. And older children may be serious competitors on fishing. How nice to have a picnic in the fresh air. … Everybody will have an excellent appetite.

8. Home Orchestra.

Do not throw away cans and bottles, they can help you to arrange a home concert. Fill tin cans with buttons or beads. Give everyone any wooden objects (pencils, spoons). You can also play music.

9. Disco.

Turn on cheerful dance music to dance together. This disco helps your kids to learn to dance, and you can get rid of all unnecessary kilograms. Good mood is guaranteed!

10. Family games.

You can play different games with the whole family. Children are always happy when parents participate in their games. You can organize a puppet theater using puppets, play Twister, chess, checkers, hide and seek and other games.

It would be interesting for me to know what family rest you have at the weekend.


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