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Нow to prepare for natural easy childbirth

how-to-prepare-for-natural-easy-childbirth When I got to know about my first pregnancy, I was very happy because there was a brand new life, my firstborn child inside me … But I had one question: how to prepare for natural easy childbirth?

I started reading magazines about maternity, various articles on the Internet to learn how to prepare for childbirth. After all, this is a very important moment in life of each future mom. Because there were no any birth preparation courses in my small town, I had to learn everything myself. I gathered all the information I found together, and slowly began to use it. It was easy and very interesting.

In the end, I gave birth to a baby quickly, easily and less painfully. I bring to your attention my advice and tips how to prepare for natural easy childbirth during pregnancy.

  1. The right attitude.

Everyone should always think about positive, talk to your baby, think about how the baby will be healthy, happy and beautiful. After all thoughts are material.

  1. Exercises during pregnancy.

Our grandparents did not drink vitamins, moved every day and give birth very quickly. Now we live in a different world, and most of us do not work physically and lead a sedentary life, and all this affects our health. If there are no contraindications by physicians you need to move a lot and every morning to do special exercises.

  1. А bathroom or a swimming pool.

If your city has the opportunity to go to the pool, it’s great! Unfortunately, I have to be satisfied only with the bathroom, and it turns out a lot of fun. The water in the bathtub has to be warm (not hot!).

  1. Fresh air.

You need to spend much time outdoors, the child receives a lot of oxygen.

  1. Special massage.

Once a day from 36 weeks you may spread some olive oil on your perineum. This prevents will perineal tears during childbirth.

  1. Proper diet.

Pregnant women do not need to eat for two people. This is a myth! And too much weight always complicates childbirth. It is only necessary to avoid products containing preservatives, flavourings, colourings, as well as canned food, sausages, smoked products, pastries, fried and very fat food. Every day fresh vegetables and fruits should be on the table. It is desirable not to eat protein food of animal origin (especially meat) for a month (or 2 weeks) before giving birth. It greatly reduces elasticity and increases the risk of tissue ruptures.

  1. Sufficient amount of liquid.

It is necessary to drink 6-8 glasses of water a day. It is useful to drink tea hibiscus, ginger drink (up to 36 weeks) and the infusion of the leaves of raspberry (from 36 weeks).

  1. Intimate life.

To make love during pregnancy is possible if there are no contraindications from the doctor. 2 or 3 weeks before the date of birth, it is better to abstain from sexual activity. Since this period, there is a great danger to cause premature rupture of amnion or premature birth. In any case, you must always be careful in this delicate matter.

  1. Training of delivery process.

It is important to start from 7 months to exercise regularly how to breathe during birth pangs and labours. So you can easily struggle with the pain and your delivery process will not turn into a lesson of trials and errors.

I hope that these simple tips and advice how to prepare for natural easy childbirth will help you during your happy pregnancy.


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