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9 ways how to break a fever in a child without medicines

how-to-break-a-fever-in-a-child One day when one of my babies had a body heat I wanted to know how to break a fever in a child without medicine fast. It is possible, but many people forget about these simple ways.

Neither did I! I did not think about it and always when my child’s temperature was 38,5, I gave some antipyretics to reduce a fever.

Then I read a lot of literature and some mums shared their experience with me on this theme.

So today I will tell you 9 best ways that really help to break high fever in a child naturally.

1. First I wiped the baby’s body with warm water (35-37 degrees). To do this, I took a cloth or cotton pad and thoroughly wetted and moistened kid’s back, abdomen, thighs, chest, armpits and inguinal folds. Once the child was dry, I did it again. Do not rub with power!

2. I took some cloth, which I wetted with cold water and put it on my child’s forehead. Once the cloth was heated, I wetted it with cold water again.

3. I gave a lot of drinking. Warm drinking promotes good sweat. The best drink is considered to be some compote with raisins or with dried fruit. Tea with raspberry or linden increases sweating, of course. But you have to drink a lot before drinking them. Sometimes, the children refused to drink, and then I proposed them to drink through a syringe in small portions.

4. In cold seasons the temperature in my baby’s room is about 16-18 degrees. It doesn’t have to be hot when the child has a body heat.

5. I gave nothing to eat to my kids, only to drink as much as possible. Children usually do not ask to eat when they have a fever.

6. Switch on a humidifier. If you don’t have any humidifier, wash the floor frequently, or hang wet towels near the child. Humidity must be approximately 60%.

7. I did not put a lot of clothes on the baby when it’s hot. All exposed parts of the body will give heat very well, thereby reducing the temperature.

8. I limited activity of the child. It is better to sit or lie down quietly, read a fairy tale or watch a cartoon.

9. If other methods did not help, I did an enema with salt and soda. After all, it is very effective to reduce the temperature.

It is also important to remember that you can help children to break a fever without medicine only when they have pink ears and cheeks. And when a child is pale with cold hands and feet, the temperature rises, it is necessary to give antipyretic and consult a doctor.

I would like to know about your methods of reducing the heat.


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